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St. Michael’s is a Catholic Church which uses the Byzantine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great, and is the only church in Western Michigan which does so in communion with the Holy See.  Our church is made up of cradle Ukrainian Catholics and converts from every background and denomination, who have a love for and desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the unique context of our Church’s liturgical and spiritual tradition.  For this reason, we love to have visitors of all ages at any of our services. We’re happy to say that several students from nearby Grand Valley State University and Aquinas College have found a seasonal home with us.

Our parish was founded in 1949. Between the years of 1946 and 1991, most of our buy modafinil usa in Ukraine were either killed by the Communists, or suffered long prison terms. Those who were not killed were forced to practice their faith in hiding. Cognizant of this fact, we are a church which knows the true value of our religion, and practices our faith with fervor and devotion.

Our liturgy is now in English, but we still retain a little of the Ukrainian language in a few parts of our liturgy, mostly those parts belonging to the priest alone.  This helps us maintain a link with our past, and remember our saintly forefathers from whom we received the Faith. Regardless of language, the liturgy is entirely intelligible, and speaks on a symbolic level which supersedes language.


The Most Rev. Benedict (Aleksiychuk), Bishop of St. Nicholas Eparchy, Chicago, IL 

The Rev. Roman Fedchyk,
Parish Administrator